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We always question every sad moment in our lives, but we never ask why happy moment exists.

We always see other people's weaknesses, but we ignore everyone's strengths.

We always doubt our own capabilities, and never believe in one's potential.

We always see failure, a threat to our undertaking, but not using it an opportunity to succeed.

We always complain why there's pain and suffering, instead of enduring it for victory and happiness.

We always search the true meaning of human existence, without finding the true essence of God's holiness.    08.10.03.australia



 He thought he has nothing ---

the wealth in life that a single man can offer –

to the family he loves,

a luxury car that everyone is envious to have,

a house that he longs for many years –

a place where he keeps his dreams alive!

success and recognition that everyone aims for

anything … name them all.

 He thought he has nothing… but he has everything---

the openness and kindness of the heart –

to extend a hand to strangers he acquainted with,

the acquired knowledge and wisdom

from his triumphant journey called life!

his continuous struggle to endures human’s desire,

his determination to explore places that the world can offer.

his dreams, making his journey a worthwhile living,

the laughter, the tears … he showed it with free spirit,

and a young heart, truly indeed a God’s gift!



                   YESTERDAY …

I don’t know where did I start

But sure, I’m going somewhere

A place where everyone’s wish to go

Determined myself to reach that far

To dream and explore –

Of what my heart’s desire!


It seems every struggle is endless

Full of challenges along the race called – LIFE!

No matter what my mind dictates

Truly indeed a destiny to survive!

                        TOMMORROW …

It seems I don’t know where to stop

It feels like a never-ending journey of soul searching

As a matter of choice of going anywhere

A choice that nobody’s can change

But it is all right – I can make it 

to the journey of LIVING!

My new Found Friend

You're my new friend, a treasure that i found

Precious as diamond that shine, simple but yet sublime.

Vibrant as the rays of the sun, that strikes my face so bright.

Giving light to my dimming life, and making our friendship alive!

Openness of your hheart and mind, that really interest me.

Your awesome face, dobuled with a smile,

a new inspiration it seems to be.

Nothin, but you're so adorable, like a folower -

your fragrance in the wilderness,

as the butteflies gently free to fly, motionlessly staring, aim to touch you as their ultimate desire!

Ever dearest, you're a wonderful lady

i will always treasure your presence, whatever happens,

you're leaving soon, you are still my friend, now and then!





this page will tells you how reymos able to write some poetic lines as part of  his past times... which reflects his inner self and inspiration in life!